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Thermal Desorption for the Oil & Gas Industry

Midwest Soil Remediation performs Thermal Desorption services for upstream Oil and Gas producers; providing a permanent solution to contaminated pit contents and drill cuttings. The Midwest Soil Remediation Thermal soil remediation process is a safe and effective solution that is guaranteed to meet your projects cleanup standards every time. Our services are not only environmentally sound; we provide solutions that are economically competitive to alternatives such as transportation and disposal.

Although drilling operations today are moving towards utilizing closed-loop or pitless drilling systems, many legacy sites exist that did not benefit from these new, more environmentally friendly methods. These locations are now the home of pits containing materials that will eventually require some method of remedial action. Conventional remediation efforts have included Land Farming, Stabilization, Transportation & Disposal, Mix-blend (dilution), and Microbiological Treatments. Most of these remedial options are incapable of guaranteeing costs, performance or time frames. Other options may accurately predict timing, but are unable to offer absolute freedom from future liability.

"Midwest Soil Remediation provides the Oil & Gas community with guaranteed performance at a guaranteed price, and no future liability."

All of our thermal desorption systems are completely mobile. Mounted on heavy duty trailer frames, our units are transported with off-road tractors across some of the most remote and underdeveloped lease roads imaginable. We mobilize our equipment on site where pit contents are excavated, thermally treated, tested and returned to the excavation.

"We eliminate truck traffic and the uncertainty associated with other remedial methods."

  • Safety, Health and Environment

Midwest Soil Remediation maintains a proactive safety, health and environmental program that meets the high standard of conduct demanded by Oil and Gas companies. We have instituted policies that engage active participation of our employees through training, medical evaluations, alcohol, drug and firearm policy, short service mentorship, safety meetings, project orientations, and job safety and hazard analysis.

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  • Mobile Thermal Desorption - We come to you

From sites comprised of a few thousand yards to locations with over 100,000 yards, we remediate contaminated materials on site. Once on location, trailers are assembled and operational in a matter of 2 to 7 days; depending on the unit being utilized. Due to the remote location of these types of sites, Midwest Soil Remediation goes the extra mile to ensure our projects are equipped with all the spare parts, supplies, tools and facilities required to keep things in top operating order.

  • Field Gas Friendly – An Environmental and Economic Advantage

Our thermal desorption systems are capable of operating on a variety of fuels, but field gas is preferred anytime it’s available. Natural Gas is clean burning, comes in a safe, steady supply and eliminates the transportation of costly alternative fuels. Field gas supports the entire thermal desorption process including electricity which is supplied by a Natural Gas fired generator.

  • Fast & Efficient – Thermal Desorption Units Sized for the Job

Midwest Soil Remediation has multiple thermal desorption units of various size and capacity that enable us to maximize the cost/benefit balance of mobilization costs and production efficiency. We mobilize smaller equipment to Oil and Gas sites consisting of quantities less than 2,000 cubic yards, to projects in the 10,000 to 20,000 yard range. These smaller units are capable of processing up to 26 tons per hour, or approximately 600 tons per day operating double shifts. For larger sites we utilize the highest capacity portable thermal desorber available in North America – the 945D. This unit out performs most fixed based units, consistently operating at production rates of approximately 80 to 100 tons per hour.

  • A Permanent Solution - Guaranteed Thermal Remediation

Since 1991, Midwest Soil Remediation has focused specifically on providing mobile thermal remediation services. With over 120 sites successfully remediated utilizing our thermal processes, we have the knowledge and experience that enables us to provide proposals that contain performance guarantees to meet your project cleanup standards. Following thermal treatment, processed materials are stockpiled in discrete piles and sampled by a third party. Samples are submitted to a laboratory and analyzed by the methods appropriate to verify the treatment goals have been met. In the rare occasion treatment was not successful; Midwest Soil Remediation will re-process the material without charge to the customer. Following laboratory confirmation that treatment was successful, processed materials are normally returned to an excavation as backfill. Upon project completion, our customers typically receive a letter from the regulatory body governing over the site indicating that no further action is required.