Services and Capabilities

Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc. (MSR) specializes in performing mobile thermal remediation of contaminated soil, and other closely related services in support of our remediation systems and the projects they operate at. Our company only provides services in addition to soil remediation that make good practical and financial sense to our customers.

Thermal Desorption

Thermal Desorption is our specialty, with guaranteed results to meet your site clean up criteria. We own and operate a variety of systems utilizing both direct and indirect heating technologies, and have successfully completed over 125 projects – treating over 1 million tons of soil. The variety of systems owned by MSR allows us to respond to virtually any thermal treatment need. We have remediated sites consisting of less than 300 tons of “Land Banned” soils to projects where we processed over 100,000 tons. All of our units large and small are completely mobile allowing for rapid deployment nationwide, and have been permitted and operated in: Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Site Work

MSR owns and operates all the necessary heavy equipment to provide you with a complete remedial solution from site preparation to excavation, treatment, backfilling, compaction and site restoration. Our fleet includes tractor – trailers, tracked excavators, wheel and tracked loaders, screening equipment, compactors, generators, pumps, and water treatment equipment.


Prior to mobilization, MSR’s technical staff prepare and submit permit applications or equivalency submittals directly to the regulating authority, or support your firms effort in securing regulatory authorization to utilize Low Temperature Thermal Desorption at your site. During remedial activities, MSR collects and maintains all site operation data and events that ensure the accurate and complete documentation of the remedial activities.

In addition, MSR can assist your company in developing Work Plans and Technical Specifications, as they relate to Thermal Desorption and associated activities.

Repair and Maintenance Facilities

MSR’s repair and maintenance facility is located as part of a 150,000 square foot full service manufacturing site located in Southern Illinois. Capabilities and resources include CAD services, triple axis CNC machining, MIG, TIG, Arc welding, custom metal fabrications, and electrical control and power distribution design, installation and repair. These capabilities leave MSR with all that is needed to support any thermal system start to finish.

Prior to any earth moving or soil remediation equipment being transported to a new project, it is brought into the repair and maintenance facility to be thoroughly inspected and properly prepared for the project. For many projects the pre-job equipment tasks are simple and routine, but for other projects complex process modifications may take place in order to satisfy specific project requirements.

Following the repair and maintenance of one of our thermal systems, the equipment is able to be brought outdoors to a staging area where it is fully assembled, started up and checked for proper operation. This ensures all repairs or modifications were made correctly, and that the equipment is ready for reliable operations at its next project.