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CVOC Soil Remediation: When only a home run will do...

Posted on Mon, Aug 18, 2014

Unfortunately, Magic Dust Does Not Exist

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We all know all so well that no single method of soil remediation is appropriate for every situation. It makes perfect sense that sites need to be properly evaluated where soil types, groundwater, contaminants and concentrations are taken into account. Once this information is obtained, remedial alternatives can be assessed for cleanup effectiveness, schedule, and cost.

When You Can't Afford to Guess on Performance

Although there are always "cheaper" ways of dealing with problems, sometimes projects do not have the time to experiment with passive, in-situ methods. We come in contact with many projects that are up against regulatory pressure or are motivated by a pending real estate transaction. These are cases where property owners are less willing to roll the dice on a remediation method that either takes a long time to work, or does not come with a guarantee of success.

Lean on our Experience and Track Record

We at Midwest Soil Remediation are heavily focused upon providing highly effective ex-situ based solutions for projects that require a guaranteed solutuion at a guaranteed price. Our remedial alternatives are proven, and we have the experience and track record to back it up.

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Solvent Extraction: Quick, Effective & Economical

Our 432i is a high performance solvent extraction system designed to remove hazardous chlorinated solvents from soil. This process reduces organic contaminant concentrations to below site specific cleanup standards, and eliminates the need for disposal or further remedial action.

This system typically processes 8 cubic yards of material per hour, and can be operated 24 hours per day if required. Contaminants are extracted from the soil, and collected on liquid phase activated carbon for off-site disposal.

Following the extraction process, samples of the treated soils are sent to a laboratory to verify meeting cleanup standards.

Is Solvent Extraction Right for your Project?

Please call or send us an email, we want to learn more about your project specifics. In turn, we will provide you information regarding what our process can do for you at your site.

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