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MSR Expands Mobile Thermal Treatment Operations Into Wyoming

Posted on Mon, Oct 7, 2013

Wyoming is our 22nd Permitted State!

Midwest Soil Remediation is happy to announce expanding its Oil & Gas services into the State of Wyoming. 

Wyoming Drill Cuttings Remediation

Providing an alternative to landfilling, Midwest Soil Remediation is conducting thermal treatment operations in Wyoming; providing Oil & Gas operators with permanent on-site solutions to managing contaminated pit contents.

Liability Eliminated

We provide a permanent solution that eliminates any future liability.

Cost Competitive

We can lower your remediation costs. Let us show you how economical thermal treatment can be.

On-Site Solution

We clean soil on location. No more heavy truck traffic or need to import backfill.

Guaranteed Results

The price we quote is the price you pay, and we guarantee meeting site specific treatment criteria.

About Midwest Soil Remediation...

Midwest Soil Remediation has been an owner-operator of various thermal desorption systems and technologies since 1991. Typical clients include various government agencies, Oil & Gas producers, consulting firms, industrial manufacturing and commercial businesses.

Topics: thermal desorption, drill cuttings