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Upstream Oil & Gas Locations Remediated in Colorado

Posted on Tue, Aug 13, 2013

Midwest Soil Remediation has successfully remediated 8 well pads for a major Oil & Gas company that is currently conducting natural gas operations in Western Colorado.

drill cuttings thermal desorption

The Midwest Soil Remediation drill cuttings remediation project pictured above was performed utilizing our 525D portable Low Temperature Thermal Desorption Unit.

This system consistently provides Oil and Gas producers with a fast, effective, guaranteed remedial solution to contaminated pit contents. Our thermal desorption processes are environmentally friendly and offer an economically competitive alternative to transportation & disposal options. Moreover, our thermal soil remediation services are a permantant solution that eliminates the potential liability associated with hauling to landfills.

The Midwest Soil Remediation thermal desorption process is safe and simple. Drill cuttings are stabilized on an as needed basis and fed to the thermal desorption system which rejects debris greater than 3”. Contaminated materials are heated only to the temperatures necessary to volatilize and separate organics from the solid matrix. Vaporized organics are safely destroyed in downstream air pollution control equipment, and clean, remediated solids are discharged and stockpiled for analytical testing. Treated cuttings are analyzed for volatiles and semi-volatiles to verify compliance with organic compound limits specified in Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Table 910-1.

COGCC table 910 1 resized 600

Following laboratory verification of meeting these cleanup objectives, processed material are returned to the excavations and utilized as backfill.

Although more stringent objectives are routinely obtained, pit contents are guaranteed to be remediated to below cleanup objectives contained in Table 910-1, which allows for unrestricted on-site reuse of the material.

Further enhancing our environmental and economic advantage, these systems utilize “field gas” when operating at actively producing well pads which satisfies all fuel requirements for the electrical generator and thermal desorption unit burner systems. The only supplemental fuel required is the off-road diesel consumed by heavy equipment.

These projects are performed under a portable permit issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Division of Air.

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