About Midwest Soil Remediation

Midwest Soil Remediation, Inc. (MSR) was established in 1990, and later incorporated in the State of Illinois on the 8th of May, 1991. The company began, and remains to be today; a family owned and operated business. Our companies’ foundation is made up of honesty, hard work, and good old fashioned common sense. Our employees also live these assets in their daily lives, and in doing so are responsible for the success and continued growth of our company. In our early years, our thermal equipment line up consisted of one, single load unit capable of treating 8 - 12 tons per hour of petroleum contaminated soil. MSR now owns and operates one of the largest fleets of thermal desorption units, enabling us the ability to effectively respond to projects of various sizes comprised of a wide range of contaminants including PCB’s, pesticides, solvents, and petroleum.

MSR is now one of the largest, most capable environmental contractors in the United States specializing solely in the "On-Site" thermal remediation of contaminated soil. Since our establishment in 1990, remediation of contaminated soils by means of thermal treatment has been our focus and our only specialty, and for this reason we believe we are the very best in the business. The well being and livelihood of our company depends on being the absolute best at what we do, so we take special pride in owning the highest capacity direct and indict fired thermal desorption units in the country. This special equipment enables us the ability to provide our clients Best Available Technology, combined with pricing competitive with conventional, more passive type alternatives. MSR also continues to own and operate some of the smallest footprint equipment available as well. We have serviced clients with sites having as little as 50 tons, to sites with quantities of over 100,000 tons. No project is too small, and certainly no project is too large.

MSR continues today to be Small Business, family owned and operated and have over 150 years combined experience in soil remediation. We have treated nearly 1,000,000 tons of soil and MSR guarantees to achieve the required soil clean-up objectives for each individual project.

MSR has a vision of the future that has been sculpted from the experiences of change. From performing treatment of petroleum hydrocarbon soil at abandoned gas stations to demonstrating destruction removal efficiencies of explosives contamination in soils at munitions facilities under the US Army Corps., to obtaining a Nation Wide TSCA permit for treatment of PCB contaminated soils. MSR has witnessed a great deal of change in environmental remediation, and is committed to being a part of it.